Proxy STC Native(Iran-Version) 5.9.7

Author: Bergamot
Category: Communication
Updated: 2013-08-28
Version: 5.9.7
Size: 125.4KB
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
Downloads: 2593
Iran version is free and it works only if you are in Iran.if you are not in Iran you can buy this version : Native means Simple Tunnel Client.STC Native unblocks ALL THE WEBSITES WITH THE STCNative's Browser or your default browser. It helps you unblock all the websites that you cannot reach regularly (THERE IS NO NEED TO ROOT YOUR DEVICE) For all the users in all of the world, the easiest way to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Google applications like Gmail, Calender and every site or application that you want!With our additional Germany server the Torrent is in your hand too!We have some interesting abilities for those who does NOT want to root their devices. Using this app you can easily connect to Facebook, Twitter and Google plus or any website that you want to surf with the built-in browser, and enjoy these websites without the need to change or adjust any settings, Just a touch to go to the websites!Available ports:21, 22, 26, 53, 82, 110, 443 and 13306If you root your Android Device, you can rout all of your mobile applications to the STCNative and you can easily connect to the net through our fast and flawless servers and utilize all the application you want.You can also contact us via , many useful information on our Twitter!